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Exchange the Mortgage

Dear NIC team,

I have taken the loan amount of 3000k loan from NIC ASIA two years ago. For this, I have put my one of property(land). Now it requires some modification to settle AnsaBanda among two brothers. So I humbly request to change the land which is located even near the E-W Highway and exchange the property which is actually required by Bank.

Let me know what documents are required for doing this. If this is not possible, I have to take a loan from another bank from other property and settle the current loan of NIC.

Contact: 9851161439

Dear Sir, 

Thank you for reaching out to us. 

Regarding your query, we believe, loan related issues are best handled by your Relationship Manager. Please contact your RM who'll advise you accordingly. 


NIC ASIA Support

Who will be my Relationship Manager.

Hello Sir, 

Your RM is the loan officer at the branch currently handling your loan file.


NIC ASIA Support