Know your balance from a single Missed Call

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Dear Sir,

You can check your balance through your mobile/internet banking facility. If you haven't availed the service yet, you can provide following documents for mobile banking request/internet banking to

  1. Handwritten application  addressing  Nicasiabank for registration or full facility mentioning  your account number, account name, mobile number,email  and signature.
  2. Color photo of valid ID card (citizenship)
  3. Photo of your ATM card or cheque book.

However, only inquiry option shall be provided via online.

These documents are requested for your security. Thank you for your understanding. 

Thank you!

I am in out of country. How can i check my account balance from abroad ?

i want password 

my miss calls donot get sms why?

hello sir i would request mobile banking

I'm at abroad right now, I have been tried to missed call on the above number, but it will not reach, I have registered a mobile roaming service here, which is registered on NIC ASIA Bank. 

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Good service!
Hello sir i am send my account detail to email aftet no activate my mobanking aap

Hello Sir, 

If you have registered to our mobile banking service, you can dial the numbers above and know your balance.

Thank you :)

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i would request you to check my balance

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I cannot know my balance through this service

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