*Medical Insurance: 

Customer can claim medical insurance for hospitalization case only. Hospitalization covers the following cases:

  • Minimum 24 Hours observations
  • Incase of Surgery, minimum 24 hours observations is not required
  • For treatment in hospitals of Nepal & India.

  1. Waiting Period: No waiting period
  2. Age Limit: Upto 65 Years
  3. Medical Insurance coverage shall be provided for hospitalization expenses of hospital in Nepal and India only.
  4. Customers have to process for medical claim soon after the date of discharge from hospital not exceeding 15 days

**Critical Illness shall not cover sudden spot death caused by heart attack and brain hemorrhage

  1. Total Diseases        : 18
  2. Age Limit                : Upto 60 years
  3. Waiting Period        : 30 days
  4. If customer dies undergoing treatment of critical illness then Claim shall be paid to the beneficiary if the illness is diagnosed before his/her death after fulfillment of required criteria.
  5. Critical Illness coverage is for only one time per year for first time diagnosis of any critical illness. From next year onward till offer is valid, customer is eligible for diagnosis of remaining undiagnosed critical diseases.

Things to note,

  • The Insurance Company provides cumulative insurance benefit to Depositor having both Super Chamatkarik Saving and Fixed deposit account (other than medical insurance).
  • In case of a couple each having a fixed and a saving deposit account, the first claim on critical illness coverage by either shall have the highest claim limit of NPR 60 Lakh. and in the instance of the second claim by the other shall have the maximum claim limit of NPR 30 Lakh thus limiting the maximum claim in such incident to NPR 90 Lakh.
  • In case of a joint account(Super Chamatkarik Baideshik Rojgar Bachat Khata, Super Chamatkarik Bidhyarthi Bachat Khata, Super Chamatkarik Udhyamshil Bachat Khata and Super Chamatkarik Swarojgar Bachat Khata), the maximum benefit that a claimant, who is one of the depositor of the joint account, can avail is half of the total insurance benefit covered under the claimed heading of the Insurance coverage for that account. For multiple joint accounts with a common depositor, total claim amount shall be paid on proportionate basis.
  • Insurance claim intimation shall be endeavored to be given to the Insurance Company by the Bank as soon as possible but in no case after 30 days of the incident. After 30 days of intimation Bank shall not be liable for any refusal of claim by the Insurance Company.
  • In case where an account holder maintains multiple Fixed Deposits, the depositor shall enjoy the highest insurance coverage allowed among the maintained Fixed Deposits.
  • The Insurance Company shall settle the claim within 15 days from the date of the submission of complete required documents.

Accidental Insurance

  1. The risks covered under Group Accidental Insurance are as follows:
    • Death
    • Total Permanent Disablement
    • Partial Permanent Disablement
    • Total Temporary Disablement
  2. Age Limit                : No Age Limit
  3. Waiting Period       : No Waiting Period
  4. Customer have to process for accidental insurance claim soon after the date of accident not exceeding 35 days.