1. What is Home Banking Facility?

Home Banking Facility is a service in which customers are provided their desired banking services at their residence. At present, the Bank provides Cash withdrawal/deposit, Cheque Book delivery, Debit Card delivery, etc. under this facility.

2. Who can avail Home Banking Facility?

Home Banking Facility is provided to the customers of Super Chamatkarik Jeshtha Nagarik Bachat Khata, Chamatkarik Jestha Nagarik Bachat Khata and New Premium Sammunati Bachat Khata.

3. How can customer avail Home Banking Facility?

To avail the service, the customer shall maintain minimum Rs. 1 Million in his/her account on previous day. Customer has to call the service representative of the branch where his/her account was opened.

4. What is maximum distance of customer’s residence from the branch for Home Banking Facility?

The maximum distance for home banking facility is within the radius of 10 KM from the branch.

5. What is the limit for cash withdrawal/deposit in Home Banking Facility?

Yes there is a limit for number of withdrawal/deposit according to account type;

Withdrawal/Deposit maximum 2 times per monthWithdrawal/Deposit maximum 3 times per monthWithdrawal/Deposit maximum 5 times per month

6. What is the limit of transaction for Home Banking Facility?

The amount of cash withdrawal/deposit shall be minimum NPR. Ten thousand and maximum up to NPR One million.

7. What is Turn Around Time for Home Banking Facility?

In case of rural and semi-urban branches, the customer can avail the Home Banking Facility within 2 hours of their service request and in case of urban branches, the service is available within 1 hour of the request.

8. What should customer do while availing Home Banking Facility?

Customer must check the ID Card of the Bank’s staff compulsorily.