1. What is the difference between Super Chamatkarik Baideshik Rojgar Bachat Khata (SCBRBK) and Chamatkarik Baideshik Rojgar Bachat Khata (CBRBK)?

The Super Chamatkarik Baideshik Rojgar Bachat Khata differs from Chamatkarik Baideshik Rojgar Bachat Khata in terms of Insurance amount i.e. Rs. 15 Lakh instead of previous Rs. 10 Lakh.

2. What type of account it is?

It is a saving nature account with interest rate of 6.5% p.a. payable quarterly.

3. What is the minimum balance to be held in the account?

The minimum Balance to be held in the account is NPR 500.

4. Who can open this account?

Individual who is planning to go abroad for the purpose of employment and those who are already residing abroad can open account under this scheme.

5. What are the various features of account?

Target CustomerNepalese citizen going abroad for employment and those who are already residing abroad.
Minimum Balance500
Interest Rate6.50% p. a (Interest Rate is subject to change as per management decision time to time)
Internet BankingFree for 1st Year
Mobile BankingFree for 1st Year
Debit CardFree for 1st Year
Online Fixed Deposit Opening facilityAvailable
FCY ExchangeRebate on purchase and premium on sell (15 paisa)
International Visa Card (issuance within 2 working days)50% discount on issuance charge
Swift/ Demand Draft issuanceFree processing/issuance fee up to NPR 200,000 equivalent per year.
Supplementary CardFree for 1st Year
Waiver on Home Loan Processing Fees25 basis point
Interest Rate on Home LoanBase Rate + Upto 3% Terms of Home Loan shall be as guided by Integrated PPG on Retail Loans.
Accidental Death /Permanent Disability InsuranceRs. 15 lakhs or 5 times of monthly average balance whichever is lower
ABBS ChargeFree up to 500K
ATM Withdrawal/Balance InquiryFree from All ATMs in Nepal (On us and Off Us)
Cash Back on Remittance FeeRs 100 on each transaction
Viber Banking FacilityAvailable
Demat Account opening facilityRegistration free

6. Who are eligible to receive cash back of NPR 100 on Remittance Fee from Bank?

The accountholder sending remittance through NIC ASIA Remit, subject to credit of the amount in account, shall receive the contribution of NPR 100 from Bank for every remittance.

7. What is supplementary card?

Supplementary card are those cards in which accountholder wishes to take another card for his/her immediate family members.

8. What is the process to apply for supplementary debit card?

Firstly, customer need to apply for primary card then only he/she can apply for supplementary card for his/her immediate family members.

9. Does the customer need to fill up any form for insurance?

No it is not necessary to fill up any form by the customer to be enrolled in Accidental Insurance.

10. How will customer claim for Accidental Death Insurance?

The Legal heir/nominee of the account holder will approach the Bank with application notifying account holder’s demise upon accident. On receipt of such application along with supporting documents, branch shall forward it to the CASA Department of the Bank. CASA Department shall further liaise with the Insurance Company for providing customer with entitled amount as per Insurance policy. Upon receiving the insurance amount, the NIC ASIA Bank shall credit the account of nominee/legal heir or handover Managers’ cheque.

11. How can customer get concession on Home Loan?

Customer need to apply for Home loan; if customer meets all criteria of loan then he/she will get concession.

12. Is there any discount or wave on Home loan process?

Yes, there is waiver on home loan process on 25 basis point.

13. What will be the interest on Home Loan?

The interest rate will be Base Rate(BR) + up to 3%.

14. What are the Other Free Facilities on this Schemes?

Free Internet banking, Mobile Banking, and debit card for the 1 st year

15. Is scheme change to Super Chamatkarik Baideshik Rojgar Bachat Khata free of charge?

Scheme change/transfer charges shall be as per STC, also branches are to ensure strictly that minimum balance is maintained before transferring any account into SCBRBK

16. In how many days International Visa Card will be issue, is there any offer?

Yes, there is 50% discount on International Visa Card and it will be issued with in 2 working days.

17. What will be the ATM withdrawal charges? Whether it is free as same as products of Chamatkarik series launched earlier?

Yes, our Bank has unparallelled benefit of “NO ATM WITHDRAWAL CHARGE FROM ANY ATM TERMINAL IN NEPAL” under Chamatkarik series over other Banks.

We have continued such robust benefit.

18. Whether Super Chamatkarik Baidesik Rojgar Bachat can be opened online?

Yes. However, customer isn’t eligible for any freebies and insurance until minimum balance is maintained.