1. What is the difference between Super Chamatkarik Udhyamshil Bachat Khata (SCUBK) and Chamatkarik Udhyamshil Bachat Khata (CUBK)?

The Super Chamatkarik Udhyamshil Bachat Khata differs from Chamatkarik Udhyamshil Bachat Khata in terms of Insurance coverage.

2. What type of account it is?

It is a saving nature account with interest rate of 6.5% p.a. payable quarterly.

3. What is the minimum balance to be held in the account?

The minimum Balance to be held in the account is NPR 500.

4. Who can open this account?

Member and officials of “Nepal Udhyamshil Mahila Mahasangh” can open an account under this scheme.

5. Whether Joint Account can be opened under SCUBK?


6. What are the various features of account?



Target segment

Member and officials of “Nepal UdhyamshilMahilaMahasangh”

Minimum Balance

Rs. 500

Interest Rate


Internet Banking

Free for first year

Mobile Banking

Free for first year

Debit Card

Free for first year

Demat/ C ASBA Registration (1st time)

Registration fee free

Accidental Death Insurance/Permanent Disability

5 times of monthly average balance or up to Rs.15 lakhs whichever is lower

Annual Locker Charges [Subject to Availability]

100% Waiver (for 1st year)

Locker Margin

50% Waiver

Inward Remittance Charge


ABBS Charge

Free up to 500K

Balance Certificate issuance charge

Free once a year (fiscal year)

Distinguished Features :

Interest rate (Personal Loan)

BR+ Upto 3%

Personal Loan Facility

As per PPG on Retail Loans

Loan Administrative Fee Waiver (Retail Loans Only)

25 basis point

Rebate on purchase and premium on sell of FCY

15 paisa

ATM Cash Withdrawal/Balance Enquiry

Free from all ATM terminal in Nepal

Onsite Account Opening

Facility Available

Missed Called Banking

Facility Available

7. How can customer open DEMAT account?

DEMAT Account can be opened at the time of account opening or later by visiting nearest NIC ASIA branch by filling up DEMAT Account opening form.

8. What are required documents to open DEMAT account?

a. Copy of citizenship

b. One passport sized photo

9. Why do customer need DEMAT account?

As per the regulation of Security Exchange Board of Nepal (SEBON) all Shares/Debentures have to be issued and maintained in dematerialized form.

10. What is charge for DEMAT account opening?

Absolutely free of cost.

11. Who can avail Locker facility?

Locker facility can be availed by NIC ASIA account holders only. Please contact your nearest branch having locker facility to avail the facility.

12. What are the variants of NICA locker?

Lockers are available of different sizes ranging from H125 W175 D492 to H404 W529 D492.

13. Can locker facility be availed from all branches of NICA?

No, locker facility are available at selected branches only. Further, locker facility shall be subject to availability of vacant locker.

14. What are charges for locker facility?

Charges for locker vary from Rs. 2,835 to Rs. 13,185 depending upon size. Further you need to deposit security amount of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000 for obtaining locker facility.


Locker Size

Annual Rent/ Margin money


H125 W175 D492

NPR 2,835/NPR 10,000


H159 W210 D492

NPR 3,735/NPR 10,000


H189 W263 D492

NPR 4,935/NPR 10,000


H159 W423 D492

NPR 5,985/NPR 15,000


H321 W210 D492

NPR 5,985/NPR 15,000


H189 W423 D492

NPR 7,785/NPR 15,000


H321 W423 D492

NPR 9,585/NPR 20,000


H404 W529 D492

NPR 13,185/NPR 20,000

However, Super ChamatkarikUdhyamshilBachatKhata holders shall be provided with following discounts:

Locker Facility (Deposit)


Margin Deposit


Annual Rent(First Year Only)


15. For what period Locker Annual Rent is free?

Locker Annual Rent is waived for 1st year only as per the product variants.

16. For what period Margin Deposit is waived?

Margin Deposit for Locker Facility shall be waived as per the product variants as long as the customer connected with the product.

17. What happen if a customer loses locker key?

Customer can approach branch for locker break request. Charges shall be obtained as per STC for locker breaking:

18. Is Cash Withdrawal/Balance Inquiry from other ATM’s in Nepal is free ?

Yes. Absolutely free.

19. Who are eligible to avail loan facility?

Any individual who have opened account under this scheme is eligible to avail loan subject to meet the parameter of Retail Loan’s PPG.

20. Whether Medical insurance is available under SCBBK?


21. Whether critical illness insurance coverage is available under SCBBK?


22. Does the customer need to fill up any form for insurance?

No it is not necessary to fill up any form by the customer to be enrolled in Accidental Insurance/Permanent Disability.

23. From when Accidental Death coverage commences?

Immediately after account opening

24. For how many years Accidental Death insurance coverage is provided?

For first one year after account opening

25. For how many times insurance can be claimed?

Only once for either husband or wife.

26. How will customer claim for Accidental Death/Permanent Disability Insurance?

The Legal heir/ nominee of the account holder will approach the Bank with application notifying account holder’s demise upon accident. On receipt of such application along with supporting documents, branch shall forward it to the CASA Department of the Bank. The CASA Department shall further liaise with the Insurance Company for providing customer with entitled amount as per Insurance policy. Upon receive of insurance amount Bank shall credit the account of nominee/legal heir or handover Managers’ cheque.

27. In what proportion insurance claim is divided in case of joint account under SCUBK?

Insurance benefit is divided into proportionate basis (50:50)

28. Is scheme change to Super Chamatkarik Udhyamshil Bachat Khata free of charge?