3.1Cheque Purchase
3.1.1Cheque Purchase FCY (subject to limit/approval)Cheques drawn outside Nepal: 0.5% or min NPR 300.00 + postage + (additional charge at 14% p.a. from 16th days onwards till date of realization)
3.1.2Returned Instrument (Purchased Cheque)@ 15% p.a. from the date of purchase or minimum NPR 350/- (plus other bank charges and communication charge as per STC sec. 6).
3.2Cheque Collection
3.2.1Cheque Collection Outwards FCY/LCY0.175% or minimum NPR 750/- plus postage/ courier charge
3.2.2Local Clearing ChequesCheques up to NPR 200 KNil
(Actual Charges to be paid to NCHL)Cheques>200 KNPR 25
FCY ChequesNPR 25
Special ClearingNPR 100
Cheque ReturnNPR 100
3.2.3Inter Branch collectionFlat NPR 250/- (inclusive of courier charge)
3.3Foreign Cheque Sent on Collection
Return Unpaid
0.01% of face value or min. NPR 250 plus other Bank charges, if any
3.4Advance Payment
3.4.1a) Advance Payment up to USD 30,000/- for import of goods and up to USD 200,000 for
import of gold
a) Customer: 0.15% or minimum NPR 1,500/- plus communication charge
b) Non Customer: 0.25% or minimum NPR 2,500/- plus Communication charge.
3.4.2b) Advance payment vide USD cash for import of goods from
Tatopani Customs office
a) Customer: 0.15% or minimum NPR 1,500/-
b) Non customer:0.25% or minimum of NPR 2,500/-