There are four types of credit facility under LAMP and they are:

Types of LAMP

Facility Type

Minimum Loan Limit

Maximum Loan Limit

NIC ASIA Home Loan Overdraft 

Overdraft Loan

NPR 0.4 Million

NPR 5 million - Single Limit/ Group Limit Exposure 

NIC ASIA Home Equity Loan 

Term Loan and Overdraft/ Demand Loan

NPR 0.4 million 

NPR 80 million- Single Limit

NPR 120 million- Group Limit Exposure 

NIC ASIA Residential Home Loan 

Term Loan

NPR 0.4 Million 

NPR 15 Million- Single Limit

NIC ASIA Easy Home Equity Loan 

Overdraft Loan or.

Mix of Term Loan and Overdraft Loan

NPR 0.1 Million

NPR 1.5 Mio (including group exposure)