1. Non-collateral based financing scheme maximum up to 1.5 million.
  2. Credit Facility as Term and Overdraft/ Demand Loan in Monthly payment
  3. Maximum revolving limit shall be up to NPR 0.5 million

Age Criteria

Loan Amount

Loan Tenure

Minimum 23 years at the time of loan application.

Maximum remaining service tenure or 58 years at the maturity of the loan whichever is earlier. However, in case of Loan Against Pension Income the maximum age of borrower shall be 68 years at the time of loan application.

For Loan against Pension Income

Minimum Loan: NPR 0.1 Million

Maximum Loan: NPR 0.5 Million

For Loan against Pension Income:

Term loan, maximum up to 1 year.

For Others:

Minimum Loan: NPR 0.3 Million

Maximum Loan: NPR 1.5 Million

For Others:

  • Term Loan, maximum up to 5 years.
  • Overdraft/ Demand Loan, resolving maximum 12 months.