Express Cheque Clearing is clearing session of short duration of 2 hours for cheque presentment, response from paying bank and NRB settlement. It allows Banks/ FIs and their customers to present and realize their cheques faster. It supports cheque clearing up to NPR 200 million in case of NPR cheques and up to 2 million in case of USD, GBP and EUR cheques.

There are two express clearing sessions for four currencies NPR, USD, GBP and EUR; 1st is available from Sunday to Friday.

The session timings of express cheque clearing are as follows:


1st Express

2nd Express

Presentment Start Time

10:00 AM (T)

11:00 AM (T)

Presentment Cut-off Time

11:00 AM (T)

12:00 PM (T)

Reply Cut-off

11:30 AM (T)

12:30 PM (T)

Settlement Time

12:00 PM (T)

13:00 PM (T)