Below is the registration procedure to be followed:


Registration Process

Customer need to register their account number in order to avail the IVR services. The registration process can be completed by following any of the below listed methods.

  1. For Alpha-numeric Account Holders: Customer with Alpha-Numeric account number, can register themselves by sending an SMS to 34488 in a prescribed format (please refer Workflow –1).
  2. For Numeric Account Holders: Customer with regular account number (numerical account number), have the option to register themselves either through call (please refer Workflow – 2) or through SMS (please refer Workflow – 1).

Workflow – 1 (Through SMS)

  1. Customer need to send SMS (IVR<space>account number) to 34488 from their registered mobile number to register themselves.



  1. Once the request has been processed, the customer will receive a Secret IVR Pin via SMS to their registered mobile number. This IVR pin is a transaction pin and is needed to avail the IVR services.



  1. Customer can now dial our IVR No (01-5970100) and use the Secret IVR Pin to avail IVR services.
  2. Below are the IVR services currently being provided to the customers:
    1. Balance Inquiry.
    2. Mini Statement (3 previous transactions).
    3. Card Block Request.
    4. IVR Pin Change.

Workflow – 2 (Through Call)

  1. Caller can directly dial NIC ASIA Banks IVR Number (01-5970100).
  2. After the selection of Language, the caller shall then identify himself/herself as the customers of the bank by pressing 1 or as a Non-customer by pressing 2.
  3. Pressing 2 by the non-customers will play the NIC ASIA banks various products and services jingle.
  4. Pressing 1 by the customer will initiate the registration process (if not done so already).
  5. Customer can now directly enter their respective account number, during the call, to complete the registration process.
  6. Customer will be required to set a Secret IVR Pin, during the registration process.
  7. Customer can now use the Secret IVR Pin to avail our IVR services.