Please go through the below process for Connect IPS self-verification.

1. Go to link bank account under Bank Account > Manage Account to link your account. 

2. Once linked bank account is in the Account List and is in pending status, click the pending account and click the ‘Self Verify Account’ option. 

3. The account details will be passed automatically to the respective BFI and upon successful verification of the details, an OTP will be sent to the verified mobile number and email address that is registered at the BFIs KYC. 

4. After the successful verification of OTP, the status of the linked account will change as ‘AUTOACCEPTAPPROVAL’. 

5. The system will then generate two micro-deposit amounts that will be credited on the customer’s linked bank account. 

6. The user will now have to check its account (from mobile/internet banking or bank statement) and input the two micro-deposit amounts. Once both micro-deposit amounts are verified the linked account will be verified automatically and the status of the account will change as ‘ACCEPTED.’ 

7. Now the linked bank account can be used for normal transaction up to the specified transaction limit.


1. Mobile number mentioned in connect IPS must match with mobile number registered in Mobank.

2. This service is only available for Mobank with transaction facility.

3. Account number and name mentioned in connect IPS must match with the banking system. 

4. Transaction Limit : Rs. 2 lakhs per day and Rs. 10 lakhs per month only. To increase limit, customer has to visit branch.