• What is the campaign period?

The campaign shall be valid for 1 month from 6th Ashar to 5th Shrawan. 

  • How many winners will be selected?

A total of six winners shall be chosen out of six MoBank Garau Jingle (audio) during the campaign. One winner in each MoBank Garau Jingle on the basis of highest views.

  • What are the prizes?

Prizes will be awarded equivalent to Rs. 15,000 for each MoBank Garau Jingle (audio) winner.

  • Who can participate?

Anyone. However, only Nepali citizens living in Nepal shall be eligible to win the reward.

  • What is the selection process?

Winner selection will be done randomly.

  • When will the prize and winner announcement be done?

Announcement of the winner and prize distribution shall be done after the campaign.

  • What is the eligibility for winner selection?

A minimum of 15k views is required in each TikTok video to be eligible for the winner selection. The highest number of views shall be selected for winner selection.

  • Where can we find those six MoBank Garau Jingles (audio)?

All six MoBank Garau Jingles (audio) are available at NIC ASIA Bank’s official TikTok page @nicasiabankofficial

  • What are the MoBank Jingles (audio) names?
  1. Utility bill payment
  2. Pay with QR
  3. Recharge your mobile number
  4. Fund transfer
  5. QR payment
  6. Balance statement