After your internet banking application has been approved by the respective branch, the activation link and code is sent to your respective email address and mobile number which you had provided in the application. The activation email also consists of your username and password, required for first time login. 

Upon receiving the activation link and code you need to perform the below steps:

  1. Click on the activation link and input your activation code and Submit
  2. Incase while activating your browser does not proceed to another page, please switch to other browser for the same and activate your internet banking.
  3. After successful activation, you’ll be redirected to our official internet banking site
  4. Input your username and password (as provided in the email)
  5. You’ll be forwarded to Terms and Conditions page and after going through it, click on Accept
  6. Next, you need to change your password. While changing the password, please make sure that you create strong passwords which are at least 8 characters long having capital letters, numbers, and special characters such as @, #, &, !, etc.
  7. Upon successfully changing the password, you’ll have to re-login with the new created password.