 Easy, Simple & Smooth for fund transfer process.

 Meets the preference of the customers to get access of the banking services through internet.

 Meets the motto of the modern banking industry i.e., “Bringing Bank to your Doorstep”.

 IPS fund transfer service will be available all the time i.e., 24/7 hours a day.

 (Note: Interbank Fund transfer request made using IPS option in iTouch Internet Banking is an offline request. All the requests made till 11.00 AM shall be processed on same day (except Friday and Holidays) and the rest transactions shall be processed on next working days.

 It will be hassle free and easy for customer as it reduces obligation to visit branches to fill up form. Customer friendly systems as customer are already using the fund transfer transactions through internet banking system.

 It leads to increases business volume, goodwill & professionalism of the bank as well.