1. What is Cybersource Internet Payment Gateway (IPG)?
    • Cybersource IPG is a convenient and secure card based online payment system whereby card holders of any domestic or international banks can make payments to merchants in Nepal.
  2. Is this service for merchants or general customers?
    • This service is for both. Merchants willing to enable card based online payment acceptance may approach the bank for availing the service. Customers willing to make card based online payment may activate their cards with ecommerce option and make payments to the merchants.
  3. Can one make payments outside Nepal through this service?
    • No. This service enables international payment acceptance to domestic merchants. This doesn’t provide option of payment to international merchants.
  4. As a merchant, what should I do to avail the service?
    • You shall have to undergo a technical integration in your platform to enable this gateway and enter into a service agreement with NIC ASIA. 
  5. Do I need to have an account at NIC ASIA to avail this gateway service?
    • Yes. You need to have a current account that will be used by NIC ASIA for settlement of funds received as payments from customers.
  6. Is there limit on transaction volume that can be processed through the gateway?
    • Limits of transaction amount shall be as per the limits set by NRB on card based payments from time to time. No additional limit/cap is set by the gateway or the Bank.
  7. What are the charges applicable on accepting payments through this gateway?
    • A set of initial integration fees, plugin maintenance fees, membership fees and transactional charges are applied as per Bank’s Standard Tariff of Charges (STC). Same shall be provided under the service agreement to be signed before availing the service.
  8. Who do I contact if a face problems during payment acceptance from the gateway?
    • You can send a message at cybs_support@nicasiabank.com for any technical support required. Alternatively, you can directly contact any branch offices of NIC ASIA.
  9. I am already using a card based IPG of another Bank. Can I also add Cybersource powered gateway in my platform?
  • You can add any number of gateways in your platform. You may even compare the gateways based on success rates of transaction and swiftness in processing, and decide to opt a single one in future.

10. Can I use plug-ins for the gateway service in my ecommerce platform?

  • The gateway has plugins developed for ecommerce based on following platforms: Amadeus, Aria Systems, BigCommerce, Cvent, eBay, Zuora, Sitecore, Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, SAP Hybris, Navitaire, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics AX