Step 1: Visit any Fonepay Merchant and Look/Ask for their QR Code at the counter

(Note: You can make payments to merchants of any Fonepay member bank irrespective of the bank logo on the QR code stand)

Step 2:  login to your NIC Asia MoBank app using your mobile number and Login Password/Fingerprint

Step 3: Tap on ‘Scan to Pay’ icon or Swipe left to open the scanner

Step 4: Scan the Merchant’s QR Code

Step 5: Enter the amount and remarks and tap submit

Step 6: Verify the payment details and tap confirm

Step 7: Enter your 4 digit Transaction PIN/Fingerprint and tap submit

Step 7: You will see a ‘Transaction Complete’ confirmation. Tap on the PDF icon to download the PDF of the transaction

Step 8: If you need to view the Transaction details at a later time, please tap o ‘invoice history’ available on the slider menu on the dashboard