Access Merchant Site: 

  • First in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer) in the address panel type: to access the login panel of Khalti.
  • The Login page appears, enter the login credentials (username & password) (Identity :username) of Khalti (username and password provided at the time of Signup Process of Khalti).




  • Once the login is completed, to load funds go to Service panel, then click on Load fund.


  • After clicking Load fund , following screen appears , select NIC ASIA Bank from Bank Panel, and enter the amount in the Amount Option





  • Once your press the Load fund button, customer will be redirected to Login panel of Internet Banking login portal as below.

  • Customer needs to login to the Internet Banking panel with their  Ibank Credentials (username & password)

  • Customer needs to select the desired account for the payment  (in case of more than one account linked in Internet Banking)




  • Once you click Pay , a OTP code is requested and after receiving the OTP code , enter the OTP for the payment process, to proceed click Transfer else Cancel Request .



  • Once the transfer button is pressed, fund will be successfully loaded to your Khalti account and customer will be redirected back to Khalti site , and the message appears as shown in the screenshot below.