1.    What is a NIC ASIA Dynamic Debt Fund?

Dynamic Debt Fund is the Mutual Fund Scheme that is being placed by NIC ASIA Capital under Open Ended Scheme.

2.    What is an Open Ended Scheme?

An Open Ended Scheme is the one that does not have a fixed date of redemption/maturity. It is available to buy and sell all the time and is not listed on the stock exchange.

3.    What is the minimum and maximum number of units that investor can apply?

The minimum number of units that investor can apply is 100 units.

The maximum number of units that investor can apply is 50,00,000 units.

    The per unit cost is Rs.10.

4.    Who can apply for Dynamic Debt Fund under Open Ended Scheme being launched by NIC ASIA Capital?

Any individual can apply for the scheme. 

Further any Organization whose policy does not strictly restrict them from investing can apply. 

5.    How can an investor invest in the scheme being offered?

Any investor can apply for the units through meroshare or through banking channels (CASBA members) same as investing in normal IPO. 

6.    What is the process for further purchase or sale of units of the scheme in future?

When an investor purchases shares in an open-ended fund, the fund issues those shares and when someone sells shares, they are bought back by the fund. When shares are sold (known as a redemption), the fund pays the investor using cash on hand. Basically Buy/Sale happens in a real time basis.

Investors can deal in the units through Fund Manager or agents nominated by Fund managers directly. Investors do not have to create brokers account for dealing in the units.

7.    What is the entry and exit load when entering or exiting from the scheme?

The entry load is free and the exit load during sale(exit) is maximum up to 1.5%

    If the exit is made within 6 months of sale of unit = 1.5%

    If the exit is made after 6 months within 12 months = 1.25%

    If the exit is made after 12 months within 18 months = 1.00%

    If the exit is made after 18 months within 24 months = 0.75%

    If the exit is made after 24 months = NIL

8.    What is the size of fund?

Maximum size of the fund is 50 Crores.

9.    Where is daily NAV updated for investors reference?

Daily NAV is updated in the website of NIC ASIA Capital (www.nicasiacapital.com) within 11 o’clock of the immediately following working day for investors reference.