If you already maintain a saving account with us you can process for online fixed deposit account. Please note that the account needs to be active and have the required balance for account opening. 

However, if you have opened your account online and are seeking to open fixed deposit account online, you'll first have to activate your online account by visiting the preferred branch beforehand. 

Steps to Online FD Account Opening


Click here to process Online FD and click on “Online Fixed Deposit Apply Now”.

Input account number, registered mailing address, registered mobile number, FD Amount and tenure of the FD (in months) in the form below and submit.After submission of online application, system will check the balance, freeze status and whether account is dormant. If account is active, not in freeze status and has sufficient balance then OTP code is send to the customer’s registered mobile number and email address after clicking submit button. (Note: In the case of customer having an online account which is in debit freeze status, they can open an FD account without visiting a branch by seeking approval.)

  1. By entering the OTP code as mentioned in SMS or email, a clear message shall appear on screen and sent to the email address that FD account number will be sent to email by the Bank.
  2. Email notification regarding FD account opened will be sent with full details (notification shall be sent in format of our Fixed Deposit Receipt) to customers.
  3. Final email confirmation will be sent to customer’s registered email address, where they will receive online notification.

For further assistance, please refer to the below attachment on online fixed deposit account processing.