Go to the official website of the Bank https://www.nicasiabank.com, click on “Online Account Applications” on Offers For You section.

 Option of different saving products are available, select the appropriate one and click “Apply Online”


An online registration form shall appear after accepting terms and conditions where the applicant must input all the required information in the preformatted text box. The applicant must confirm whether he/she has an account with NIC ASIA Bank.


 If the answer is “Yes”, He/she shall be notified about inability of the Bank to process another savings account as per the NRB regulation on this regard.

If the answer is “No”, the customer will redirect to the first preliminary form where he/she has to accept the terms and conditions first with following fields to be submitted.

An email shall be sent to the provided email address with notice of successful submission of the online form.

After clicking on the link provided in the email address, it will redirect to the second preliminary form.

A “success” message shall appear after successful submission of the form.  

 An email message shall be sent after the successful submission of the form confirming the generation of account number.


  1. Customer shall be given notification via email if in case any discrepancy is found in details filled by the customer to do the necessary input/amendments in Online Account Opening Form. Customer shall be given 15 days’ time period to do the necessary amendments. If he/she fails to do the same within stipulated period, his/her request for opening the account shall be rejected.
  2. After account is opened in CBS, email notification shall be sent to customer’s registered email address with a message “Please fill the KYC, Nominee and other required details” along with the link to submit KYC details.
  3. The customer shall go to the link provided in email notification to submit KYC details.
  4. If the details are found to be incorrect or mismatched with the uploaded documents, email notification shall be sent to the customer to repair the details according to the documents. Email notification to make necessary amendments will be sent to the customer on every alternate day till the KYC details are amended by the customer.

For further assistance, please refer to the below attachment for online account processing.