You will need to search for and subscribe to the bank’s Public Account in your Viber app to start using the services. Follow these steps to subscribe to Viber Banking.

  1. Start up the Viber app in your device and go to Public Accounts by tapping the  icon.
  2. Tap the  icon to search for the Bank’s Public Account by entering ‘Bank Name’ in the given space.
  3. The public account for the bank will be displayed. Tap the   icon to subscribe to this bank’s public account.
  4. Once subscribed, the corresponding icon will change to icon and you will receive a welcome notification in-app.You will need to simply start a conversation with the bank’s Public Account to use the various services in Viber Banking? Start a one-on-one conversation with the Bank by sending a ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ message to the bank. You will promptly receive a response and the interactive menus will become available to you. Tap the corresponding menu buttons at the bottom to use Viber Banking.