1. Certificate of Incorporation AND Certificate of Operation (in case the associations established under special act incorporation certificate is not Mandatory)
  2. PAN Certificate
  3. No. of Branches and their address
  4. Personal details of Directors, Management Committee (if any), Chief Executive AND Account Operators
  5. Personal details of Individual shareholders holding MORE than 10% shares in Company
  6. In case of Institutions holding more than 10% shares in any Company, personal details of Individuals holding more than 10% of shares in such Institution
  7. Passport size Photo of Directors/Chief Executive AND Account Operators
  8. Citizenship Certificate/Passport/ Voter ID/ Driving License of Directors/Chief Executive AND Account Operators
  9. Audited Financials of previous financial year (Mandatory at the time of account opening)
  10. Tax Clearance Certificate of previous year or Tax Submission Certificate (Mandatory at the time of account opening)
  11. In case of holding company of Foreign Company, Name and address of foreign company
  12. Memorandum of Association (MOA) or Articles of Association (AOA) of company
  13. Board Minute and Power of Attorney (POA)for Account Opening and Operation
  14. Power of Attorney provided by Board to any Chief Executive/Managing Director or any other Officers of Company