1. Registered address/Business address of the Foreign Company abroad.
  2. Full address of Foreign Company establishment in Nepal along with the type of establishment (either Branch, project, correspondence, etc)
  3. Certificate of registration/Incorporation in foreign country and certificate of Operation
  4. If registered in Nepal, then required documents of the same (e.g certificate of registration, certificate of operation, etc)
  5. No. of Branches and their address
  6. Memorandum of Associates (MOA) and Article of Association (AOA) of such foreign company
  7. Power of attorney for opening/operating account provided by such foreign company
  8. Personal details of directors and Chief Executive of such foreign company
  9. Personal details of representative appointed for Nepal and account operators
  10. Passport Size Photo, Citizenship/Passport and address of residence in Nepal of at least two officers of foreign company, representative appointed for Nepal and Account operators
  11. Audited financial year of previous year
  12. Tax Clearance of previous year
  13. Any other documents as deemed necessary by the organization.