Savings DepositsMinimum Balance (NPR)Rate (% p.a.)
Karmashil Bachat Khata-4.5
Youth Savings Account1004.5
Remit Savings Account1004.5
Sulav Bachat Khata5004.5
Little Star Savings Account5004.5
Life Savings Account10,0004.5
Nari Shakti Bachat Khata-4.5
Happy Savings Account1,0004.5
Shareholder Savings Account1004.5
Share Shuvidha Bachat Khata5004.5
Special Savings Account5,0004.5
Super Special Savings Account10,0004.5
Super Payroll Account-4.5
Premium Savings Account25,0004.5
Senior Privileged Saving Account-


Samrakchyak Bachat Khata-4.5
Krishak Samriddha Bachat Khata-4.5
Swabalambi Nari Bachat Khata-4.5
Samajik Surakshya Bachat Khata-4.5
EPS Korea Bachat Khata-4.5
Online Bachat Khata-4.5
Samunnati Bachat Khata-4.5
Samunnati Plus Bachat Khata1,0004.5
Social Security Relief Account-4.5
Bidhyarthi Bachat Khata-4.5
Premium Samunnati Bachat Khata1,0004.5
New Premium Samunnati Bachat Khata1,0006.50
Chamatkarik Bachat Khata1,0006.50
Chamatkarik Online Bachat Khata-6.50
Babu Nani Bachat Khata-6.50
Baideshik Rojgar Bachat Khata5006.50
Udhyamshil Bachat Khata5006.50
Chamatkarik Bachat Khata-Silver1,0006.50
Chamatkarik Bachat Khata-Gold25,0006.50
Chamatkarik Bachat Khata-Diamond100,0006.50
Chamatkarik Jestha Nagarik Bachat Khata-Silver1,0006.50
Chamatkarik Jestha Nagarik Bachat Khata-Gold25,0006.50
Chamatkarik Jestha Nagarik Bachat Khata-Diamond100,0006.50
Chamatkarik Nari Bachat Khata-Silver1,0006.50
Chamatkarik Nari Bachat Khata-Gold25,0006.50
Chamatkarik Nari Bachat Khata-Diamond100,0006.50
Chamatkarik Talab Bachat Khata-6.50
Chamatkarik Babu Nani Bachat Khata-6.50
Chamatkarik Bidhyarthi Bachat Khata-6.50
Chamatkarik Udhyamshil Bachat Khata5006.50
Chamatkarik Baideshik Rojgar Bachat Khata5006.50
Chamatkarik Swarojgar Bachat Khata-6.50
Samriddha Nepal Sukhi Nepali Bachat Khata1006.50
Chamatkarik Bachat Khata – Silver (for FD)-6.50
Chamatkarik Bachat Khata – Gold (for FD)-6.50
Chamatkarik Bachat Khata – Diamond (for FD)-6.50
Chamatkarik Fixed Deposit (3 months Upto 1 Year)Minimum BalanceInterest Rate (p.a)
Chamatkarik Fixed Deposit-Silver100,0008.50%8.60%9.25%
Chamatkarik Fixed Deposit-Gold1,000,0008.50%8.60%9.25%
Chamatkarik Fixed Deposit-Diamond2,500,0008.50%8.60%9.25%

Other Fixed Deposits

 Minimum Balance

Interest Rate (p.a)


3 Months Upto 10 YearsNIL8.50%8.60%9.25%
FCY DepositsMinimum BalanceRate (% p.a.)
USD Sulav Bachat KhataUSD 252.60%
USD Savings AccountUSD 252.60%
USD Super Saving AccountUSD 1002.60%
USD Premium Savings AccountNIL2.60%
FCY Fixed AccountNILNegotiable
Other DepositsMinimum BalanceRate (% p.a.)
NIC ASIA Sikshya  Kosh & Sikshya Kosh Plus Account100Up to 4.5%
Recurring Deposit5009.25%
Call Deposit

Negotiable (Subject to NRB Directive)

Recurring DepositInterest Rate (p.a)
Chamatkarik Recurring Deposit (Individual)9.25%
Fixed DepositsInstitutional (% p. a.)Personal (%p. a.)
1 Month Upto 10 Years - Fresh8.509.25
1 Month Upto 10 Years - Renewal8.609.25
Foreign Currency DepositMinimum BalanceInterest rate
USD Fixed DepositNilNegotiable
Lending Rates
RetailPremium (% p.a.)
Auto LoanUp to 7.00
Home Loan 
a. Home Loan ODUp to 7%
b. Home Equity LoanUp to 7%
c. Residential Home LoanUp to 7%
Gold LoanUp to 7%
Sajilo Subidha (Term Loan)Up to 7.00
Sajilo Subidha (Overdraft)Up to 7.00
Sajilo KarjaUp to 7.00
Gold Loan- DemandUp to 7.00
Gold Loan- OverdraftUp to 7.00
Loan Against ShareUp to 7.00
Personal LoanUp to 7.00
Education LoanUp to 7.00
Foreign Employment LoanUp to 7.00
Loyalty Financing FacilityUp to 7.00
Real Estate LoanUp to 7.00
Chamatkarik Sawari KarzaBase rate plus 0.12% to 1.32% premium
Chamatkarik Ghar Jagga KarzaBase rate plus 0.12% to 2.52% premium
SMEPremium (% p.a.)
Fast Track Business LoanUp to 7.00
Priority Business LoanUp to 7.00
Premium Business LoanUp to 7.00
Commercial Agricultural and Livestock LoanUp to 7.00
CorporatePremium (% p.a.)
Import Credit /TR. LoanUp to 7.00
Overdraft/Cash Credit/Working Capital LoansUp to 7.00
Term LoanUp to 7.00
Other Short Term Working Capital LoansUp to 7.00
Deprived Sector LendingPremium (% p.a.)
Deprived Sector-DirectUp to 7.00
Deprived Sector-IndirectUp to 7.00
OthersPremium (% p.a.)
Export CreditUp to 7.00
Loan against Own FDRUp to 7.00
Loan against Other Bank’s Fixed Deposit ReceiptUp to 7.00
Loan against 1st class Bank guaranteeUp to 7.00
Loan against Government Securities (Max draw down 80%)Up to 7.00
Agricultural Loans for YouthsUp to 7.00
Equipment FinancingUp to 7.00
FCY LoanUp to 1 Year LIBOR + 4


  • Rate on default account and watch list account may vary from the above published rates
  • Interest Rate on consortium loans shall be as decided by consortium.
  • Interest Rates on specified loans directed by Nepal Rastra Bank(like Agricultural loan for youth, refinance, export oriented units in FCY, Deprived Sector loans to Minorities, Senior Citizen, differently abled, widow, war victims, etc) shall be as stated by Nepal Rastra Bank circular/directive.
  • Penal interest rate shall be charged at the rate of additional 2% p.a. on principal overdue and/or interest overdue on loan amount or deal or contract outstanding from the time interest and/or principal becomes overdue on the respective loan amount or deal or contract.
  • In case of temporary overdrawn account, highest published rate for the amount excess to the limit shall be charged.
  • Other Interest rates remains unchanged