• Visit the website of NIC ASIA Bank  www.nicasiabank.com  through any browsers and you will be lead to the page below




  • You can see the portal named NIC ASIA Bank Support as highlighted in yellow below:





  • When you click on NIC ASIA Bank Support, you will see the following NIC ASIA Support portal. It is the Knowledge Base where you can get the related information on bank’s products and services. You can ask any question on the search bar and get a list of related articles or browse through the Knowledge Base itself.


  • At the bottom of the page you will see the chat widgets as shown below.



This chat head is Live Chat which will connect you to the representatives of Bank who shall address your queries, Feedback/ Suggestions and resolve your grievances. This is most effective in case of immediate assistance.

Our representatives are available on business hours only, outside business hours, you can leave a message, you'll be contacted when office hours resume.

This chat head is our Chat Bot, SAATHI who will answer your general queries that do not required human interference.
The FAQs section shall lead you to FAQs on various topics.
If further assistance is required, you will given the option to create a ticket for better assistance.

  • If you are more comfortable with email you can click on New Support Ticket at the same page, NIC ASIA Support to create a ticket mentioning your queries, grievances or feedbacks and suggestions related to our Bank.



  • When you click on New Support Ticket, you will need to fill up the below form to proceed further. After inputting the required details, and you need to click on Submit button to finish.

Please note that all the fields marked * needs to be filled for submission.


  • After submission of required details, a ticket will be created for you on the Support Portal and you will receive the below mail from NIC ASIA Support. You can also view the status of your queries and grievances raised through Check Ticket Status option. NIC ASIA’s representative will take the case and handle it carefully and promptly.


 Our Support Representative shall view your ticket and send you a personalized message shortly.